Social Transition Research into International Doctoral Experiences (STRIDE) is a UKCISA-funded project that seeks to understand and unpack the role of holistic social support networks in postgraduate students’ educational transitions, with a particular focus on international students. In doing so, the research dynamically engages with international student identities and how social support systems within and outside their university departments impact upon transition experiences. The project employs a variety of different methods, including:

  • Social network analysis
  • Reflective diaries
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews

The project findings are compared cross-institutionally and internationally between two universities in the UK and one university in China. The overall project aim is to outline best practices for supporting postgraduate students as they form social support networks. Altogether, this research project informs the sector as a whole about what resources are needed to promote positive social transitions for diverse groups of postgraduate students.

This public-facing blog provides individual stories of international postgraduate students’ social transition experiences, which are written by postgraduate students themselves (both domestic and international). We will also include posts from stakeholders that work closely with international PhD students, such as supervisors or university administration staff. It is our hope that these posts can provide a human face to the transition experiences of PhD students.

Want more information? See our ‘contact’ page to get in touch with one of our researchers. We welcome any questions, suggestions or informal comments from researchers, students, practitioners and members of the wider public.

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